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Glossier You




Elie Hess, November 24th, 2017 

Why is the world so obsessed with Glossier right now? Is it their sleek packaging, image inclusivity, natural ingredients? We’re going to have say all of the above and then some.. And just when we thought they couldn’t make us love them more - Glossier expanded beyond makeup and skincare to perfume. The company debuted Glossier You, priced at $60 a bottle, on October 23rd. The perfume lists “you” as its first ingredient as it adjusts to your personal scent.


As the perfume is unique to the user, Glossier is hosting a unique pop up experience. 

From the street, the storefront is unassuming with red tinted windows and doors. Once inside  the atmosphere is reminiscent of a vintage shop with 1950s love songs playing softly and red decor everywhere the eye can see. Mirrors line the hall. Inside, a pink ribbon is tied to your wrist as if that ribbon is your ticket to test the scent.  An employee allows you to smell the perfume on a sample. The scent alone is musty with sweet scents of pink pepper and iris root to start.


If you would like to experience the scent yourself, you are guided to a changing room with mirrors lining each wall. One of the mirrors drops and a red patent leather gloved hand sprays you with perfume. Though the scent is sweet, the magic happens when combined with your personal scent, to creates something completely unique to you.

I was really inspired by theater, performance art, and magic shows when conceptualizing the space.
— founder Emily Weiss (architectural digest)

Photos via Architectural Digest

The popup is located at 123 Lafayette, next to their showroom.