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We have collaborated on all Maman NYC locations- TriBeca, Greenpoint, Soho, NoMad and Marche Maman. Each location has its own identity while remaining cohesive with the Maman aesthetic. We focus on creating works that reflect history and a sense of nostalgia. When you walk into a Maman we hope the environment encourages you to ponder what was there before while bringing you back to a time spent in your own Maman's house. Below highlights our favorite projects for Maman.

"The designs of Maman are all individually curated encompassing a nod to the French country-side and my passion for vintage aesthetic combined with attention to detail. A tarnished elegance. Admiring aged characteristics with modern day perspectives, I want guests to find beauty in every item within the space, from the wall treatments to the cutlery, these elements are designed to be an extension & elevate the overall Maman dining experience."  -- Elisa Marshall, Owner of Maman                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photos contributed by Camila Gutiérrez and Avi Gill

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