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Elie Hess, November 27th, 2017 

The Yankee Candle Candlepower popup shop is an all immersive holiday shopping experience. With six different scent experiences, Yankee Candle creates photo opportunities, interactive rooms and a place to share holiday excitement. The experience begins on the bustling Soho street with a friendly employees welcoming you in. As you enter, scents of Balsam and Cedar spark your senses, guiding you through the cedar forest.


To the left of the Forest is the Woodwick reading room filled with books and the crackling sound of a fireplace. And to the right is the pool area. Though it might be fall, Yankee Candle sets the stage to imagine a day somewhere far and warm. Pool chairs and beach balls line the space and the sweet scent of Sun and Sand fills your nose.


A little farther into this candle world is the crowd favorite, the Flower Garden. The tilted mirror gives an illusion that the flower field is all around you. The flower field is filled with the Sun Drenched Apricot Rose scent to be released in 2018.  From here, Chesapeake Bay has a zen inspired space with changing screens that correspond to the scents; Balance + Harmony, Reflection + Clarity and Peace + Tranquility.


The popup experience is up until the 8th of January - go see and smell for yourself!

Located at 503 Broadway, NY